Mr. Carlos Johnson

“The Friend of the Family”

For over 15 years, Carlos has consulted, trained, and held seats on both public charter and private school boards. In 1990 when Mr. Johnson began talking about ‘creating a philosophy and developing a system that teaches youth how to discover, plan and train for the achievement of Personal Success-few people believed he would do it.
Now in the new millennium, IMAGE of Success; Inc. has become a credible, proven organization in educational reform and family development.

After seeing up to 60% of Detroit students fail in the classroom, he developed 'The PowerEngage' Relationship and Retention system, Power Parenting University and 'The Pains and Joys of Educating Boys' classroom management system.

Along with his team of consultants, Carlos has utilized his systems to successfully to turn around three failing charter schools. In addition to saving the schools hundreds of thousands of dollars, his trainings helped to change staff culture and increase parental engagement. Both of which directly translated into increased student performance and family retention. In the fall of 2015, he will be opening an academy for entrepreneurs called FLAME [Future Leaders Academy of Michigan for Entrepreneurs].

As a practicing Behavioral Therapist Mr. Johnson travels the country working with public, private and charter schools transforming school culture and helping to reduce the gender achievement gap.

Mr. Johnson may be contacted for information or speaking/training engagements at or

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